Selling Your Practice?

For attorneys planning their practice exit strategy, it’s time to set out the wind down steps, the financial cash flow, and client transition plan.  Whether a retiring baby boomer, a practitioner seeking alternate career options, or an attorney challenged with a significant health issue, our “Practices in Transition” program might be the financial transition that works.  


  1. Orderly transition of clients;
  2. No expensive outside valuation required;
  3. One to two years of gradual wind down/part time work;
  4. Staff support plus an end to their current lease;
  5. Income stream or “residuals” from their good reliable clients plus new client fees; and
  6. Satisfaction in transferring clients to a reputable firm designed to meet their future needs.


  • Small business or medium size corporations:  general business matters, including incorporation and LLC formation; annual meetings; board development and training; real estate; employment issues; contracts; joint ventures; merger/acquisitions; domestic or foreign; non-profits.
  • Estate planning or business/family succession planning needs:  wills, durable powers, living and irrevocable trusts, separate property agreements, shareholder agreements, and succession plans/retreats or coaching.
  • Intellectual property protection and registration:  identification of trademark, copyright and trade secret rights; filing for U.S. or foreign protection; licensing agreements; sourcing contract; trade secret protection plans; NDAs and risk protection.

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