Incorporation Fee Plan

 Pacific NorthWest Law Group


A Practical, Fixed Fee Plan


Benefits:           Fixed Fee with a cap

                           True personal asset protection

                           One time, no hassle set up

                           Complete Minute Book with all documents

                           We track your first license renewal


Full Set:        Plan for Your Custom Business Structure

          - Full Set of Minute Books (2) and Documents

          - Articles of Incorporation (customized)

          - Bylaws to Fit Your Needs

          - Organizational Meeting Minutes

          - Issuance of Stock Certificate(s)

                         Other Documentation

          - Preparation and Filing of SS-4 (Federal Tax ID Number)

          - Preparation and Filing of 2553 Form (“S” Election)

          - Preparation and Filing of Initial Annual Report

          - Preparation and Filing of Master Business Application

          - Line of Credit Promissory Note


Includes:           1. Filing of all documents

                           2. Sample meeting minutes for first annual meeting

                           3. Sample set of Employee Policies & Procedures

                           4. Summary of state law duties for directors/officers

                           5. Equity contribution promissory note

                           6. Asset transfer form – Bill of Sale

                           7. We will serve as Registered Agent for the first year


Non-Refundable Fixed Fee & Costs:         Call for Fixed Fee Pricing                                                                                 plus $305 Filing Fees








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