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Articles in News Bytes (Washington Software Alliance) and Electronic News confirmed what many companies on the East Coast and in Europe have been quietly utilizing for quite some time, namely an offshore office or site.

The experienced lawyers at Pacific Northwest Law Group have been providing companies in the Northwest with plans and implementation since the early 1980's.

Why companies, especially technology based firms, use such legal structures:

  • IP Protection against liens, claims, and losses from frivolous litigation
  • Foreign Source Income from license fees and royalty payments is no longer protected by the Foreign Sales Corporation, after WTO, and alternate strategies are called for
  • Tax Planning, including the placement of foreign sourced income from licensing fees and royalties to take advantage of bi-lateral tax treaties which provide lower income tax rates
  • Access to Foreign Talent not otherwise qualified under the visa limits of the US
  • Access to Foreign Capital investing to worldwide e-commerce through markets outside the US
  • Foreign Licensing of intellectual property through non-US entities
  • Tech Support Centers at lower costs
  • Website Location and broad band access
  • Direct Access to Foreign Markets in Europe, Asia, and South America
  • Investors Require Global Planning, not just in distribution and tech support, but in funding and tax planning
  • Internet Regulation by diverse foreign jurisdictions requires proactive planning to handle global taxation, liability claims, and banking matters for a US based company
  • Serious Board Members require consideration of such strategies

Most companies are advised by professionals grounded in US law, using occasional legal and financial advice on specific operating topics from large foreign firms. Few companies develop their own international answers and strategies for financial, legal and tax benefits unless it is brought to them by their advisors who may not have the experience to advise and to navigate such waters.

Our group provides over 30 years of experience from work in Federal and State government, local and national banks, international corporations and law firms with proven risk management strategies and practical plans.

We invite you to consider a no-obligation discussion with us regarding your current global strategy, and the benefits to you.

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