Estate Planning

At Pacific Northwest Law Group we assist clients with large and complicated estates, as well as clients with more modest estates.  Regardless of the size of the estate, all of our estate planning clients are provided with expert advice and top-notch service.  We know you worked hard for your wealth, and at PNWLG we work hard to ensure that it is protected.

In addition to drafting basic durable powers of attorney, living wills, and trusts, we also help our clients with business succession planning.  Our estate planning group helps to guide the development and implementation of business "exit strategies," and make provisions for shareholder "buy-sell" arrangements.  In kind, we assist clients in estate tax planning, including development of sophisticated techniques to minimize these taxes.  This service comprises a part of our business that intersects with our business and technology practice groups in areas such as off-shore planning for the protection of technology assets.

Our integrated estate and wealth planning practice group has further expertise in the following areas:

Business Ownership Transfers.  One of the most critical issues affecting the privately held or family owned business is ensuring progress in growth, management, and the successful transfer of the business to the next generation.  Exit strategies return the vast majority of financial rewards to the founders of any company.

Business succession planning must be executed through a systematic process that considers not only the business and its survival, but also the personal needs and desires of each of the company founders and their families.  In addition to the interpersonal complexities of the plan, the economic complexities include both income and transfer tax considerations.

Offshore Planning.  As many e-businesses struggle or even go under, a new generation of e-commerce business and related technology ventures are moving to offshore locations outside of the United States.  In lay terms, the offshore location strategy for technology companies ends up being a hybrid of the typical Hollywood-hyped-Rockefeller-style overseas bank account.

Offshore strategies can be effectively used in other ways too.  We can help give your business or your personal estate a global perspective on wealth management and related issues.




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