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First and foremost, please prioritize your safety as we navigate these unprecedented times while supporting each other.  Our community has the will and resources to see this through if we maintain our focus and civility.

We wish to let you know we are open and here to continue to provide our legal guidance in matters affecting you, your businesses, and your families. Please be sure to ensure your business documents and Estate Plans are up-to-date, and please contact us if you have any questions regarding information on this page.

-Robert O. Sailer, Attorney at Law


Below you'll find easy-to-understand guides to the CARES Act as well as information on other business-related guidance as pertains to the current COVID-19 pandemic and Declaration of National Emergency.

Business Resources

CISA Guidance for Securing Video Conferencing S508C.pdf via the Department of Homeland Security (

PNWLG -PPP Forgiveness Application-6-16-20 version.pdf PPP Forgiveness application, updated June 20, 2020

PPP Loan Forgiveness Accounting and Tax Treatments.pdf by David Lightfoot CFO, Inc.

Ameritrust CARES Act.pdf The Small Business Owner's Guide to the CARES Act

Updated Memo on Small Business CARES Act Funding-Miller-Canfield.pdf 

WA Essential Critical Infrastructure.pdf Designated "Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers" in Washington State

Independent Contractors - PPP.pdf Paycheck Protection for Small Businesses

WA Grants Announced-4-7-2020.pdf

PNWLG Seminar Materials-Emergency Succession Planning During Covid-19.pdf  Materials from the 11/18/2020 PNWLG Seminar with featured Speaker David Lightfoot, CFO.

Operating During COVID-19

PNWLG-Handout: I-9-Compliance During the COVID-19 Pandemic.pdf

Non-Profit Steps in Covid-19 Pandemic.pdf

COVID-19 Client Health Screening Form.pdf

Families First Coronavirus Response Act-Amended.pdf

Supply Chain in-COVID-19--BDO.pdf

PNWLG Handout - Legal Issues to Consider During the Covid-19 Pandemic.pdf

PNWLG Handout - Board of Advisors in a Pandemic.pdf

Can Employers Require COVID-19 Vaccinations?.pdf - a brief look at EEOC regulations and how they affect an employer's ability to mandate employees receive vaccines. 

Estate Planning in COVID-19 Times

PNWLG Handout-Emergency Succession Planning.pdf

Review Estate during Stay-at-Home.pdf

Estate Planning Tips during COVID-19.pdf

PNWLG Handout-Estate Planning Questionnaire.pdf





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